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About our product

Our crickets are raised on a commercial farm. They are processed at our HACCP accredited factory.

Our product is 100% natural, no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors have been added.

100g of dried crickets contains a whopping 65g of protein. They are also a good source of Fiber, Vitamin B2 Iron, and Calcium, low in calories/ fat content.

Our crickets are regularly lab tested to ensure they meet all food safety standards.

A different approach to the world

Cricket protein is considered a new protein trend yet it’s one of the oldest. Humans have been eating insects for a very long time. There are many reasons to use cricket powder as a protein source. Cricket protein is a highly nutritious food source that is rich in protein, prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. It’s very bio-available (in other words – cricket powder is easily digested).

Cricket protein contains all of the essential amino acids. It’s packed with B vitamins Magnesium, as well as a perfect balance of Omega 3:6. In addition, crickets have more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. Eating insects can help maintain a healthy gut biome. Chitin is the exoskeleton of an insect and it has valuable properties in it’s own right. Chitin is prebiotic fiber that is basically nutrients for probiotic gut bacteria.

Our Mission: Natural, Healthy and Tasty!

Our priority is YOU. Therefore, we strive to offer the highest quality product. Crickets are grown in healthy and as natural conditions as possible. We manufacture to high standards and are always improving. Our final products have never been frozen! And most importantly, we offer a wide range to meet everyone's taste and deliver to YOU ​​in the most convenient way.

Cricket Protein is also Healthy for the Planet

Cricket protein is not only healthy for us, but it’s also sustainable and produced without growth hormones, pesticides, or herbicides. It’s non-GMO and can be produced organic and gluten-free depending upon the methods used. Crickets can be grown using way less land, food, and water than traditional livestock making them a planet-friendly practice. They are raised and harvested humanely.

Our advantages

Our products are really delicious

Our products are really delicious

Our crickets last much longer

Our crickets last much longer

80% of our clients go to the gym

80% of our clients go to the gym